Improving Patient Care & Safety

We hold the medical profession in high regard and, sometimes, literally trust them with our lives. That trust, however, needs to be earned on a daily basis. MSU is determined to retain the confidence that our community has placed in us for decades.

New policies regarding informed consent and the role of exam-room chaperones have been strengthened and are already in effect. Third-party quality and safety assurance reviews are anticipated to start this summer as we continue our commitment to achieving the highest patient care and safety standards.


With new policies in effect, the MSU HealthTeam is committed to ensuring our patients know what to expect and their options. In line with best practice, patient-friendly information on policies related to chaperones has been posted in all exam rooms.


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MSU is committed to achieving the highest quality patient care and safety standards in a consistent manner across all MSU clinics. To help achieve this goal, we are engaging external experts to conduct a third-party patient safety and quality of care review.


  • Completed: Willis Towers Watson released their report in December 2017.


At MSU, we are committed to the holistic care of our athletes. From athletic training and nutrition, to psychological and medical care and treatment, we strive to follow best practices. To help achieve this, MSU has contracted with two respected sports medicine physicians to conduct a comprehensive review of how health care is delivered to student athletes at the university.


  • Completed: Chhabra and Erickson released their report in November 2017.
  • The review was conducted by Anika Chhabra, M.D., a sports orthopedic surgeon at Mayo Clinic Arizona, and team orthopedic surgeon for Arizona State University; and Steven M. Erickson, M.D., Medical Director of the Banner Concussion Center in Phoenix. Banner was formerly a team physician for Arizona State University and currently serves Major League Baseball Umpires as a medical consultant.


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