Protecting Youths On Campus

As difficult as it is for any of us to understand or rationalize, child abuse is an abhorrent reality. At MSU, we believe it is our moral obligation to make every effort to protect all youths who come to our campus and to do all we can to ensure all members of our staff are sensitive to the risk of child abuse.

To this end, we are in the process of rolling out an enhanced youth protection policy as well as providing additional training for those who will be supervising and interacting with youth. Every day, particularly during the summer, hundreds of children are on campus. We owe these "Spartans-to-be" and their families the confidence to participate in their chosen programs free from worry or concern.


MSU recently updated its youth program policy, including expanding the requirements for annual criminal background checks for anyone who may have unsupervised access to minors at youth programs. Additionally, as part of our commitment to more effective compliance of policies, MSU will more rigorously raise awareness of this policy.


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This spring, new enhanced training was developed and provided to individuals responsible for running youth programs on campus. As part of our commitment to increase oversight of these programs, we are also planning to hire an additional staff member with the specific responsibility of managing all youth programs, including ongoing incorporation of best practices, effective training and compliance with updated policies.


  • David Chupak selected as Youth Programs Officer, November 2017


Education and training materials regarding child abuse, including how to recognize and report abuse, were previously shared with staff with significant interaction with minors on campus, such as those responsible for youth programs. While always accessible to any member of the MSU community, this year, additional resource materials will be distributed directly to all employees. Furthermore, we will continue  to further strengthen and update training materials.


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