COVID-19 Reopening Campus Task Force

As university leaders discuss the next steps for MSU, President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D., is working closely with and taking recommendations from the COVID-19 Reopening Campus Task Force. The task force was charged with developing and reviewing a range of scenarios for when and how to resume various on-campus activities, from the return of employees to what the fall semester will look like. The task force serves in an advisory capacity to the president and is chaired by Executive Vice President for Health Sciences Norman Beauchamp Jr. and University Physician David Weismantel.

All decisions will be grounded in the best available data and what is best for the health and safety of our Spartan community. As MSU goes through this process and brings Spartans back, it is important to note the requirements for all who come to campus.

Task force charge

Specifically, the task force is:

  • Establishing a set of guiding principles for determining when and how to return to on-premises activities safely
  • Establishing criteria that will be monitored to determine the ability of the university to return to some or all on-premises activities safely
  • Identifying what decisions will apply university-wide and what decisions can be made by individual units
  • Establishing guidelines and protocols for units to follow as on-premises activities return
  • Charging individual task force members to follow up with specific units on campus to help develop plans for returning to on-premises activity and bring plans back to the full task force for advice and feedback

Task force values

  • To create a culture that is transparent, open, trusting and safe
  • To cultivate caring and accountable leadership
  • To empower everyone to be engaged in a community that is inclusive and equitable; actions must be responsive to all members

The initial work of the task force has been completed. The co-chairs have reached out broadly to members of the campus community and have identified the values that need to guide the task force’s work. Those values will help delineate the measures that will be put in place to ensure the safe return to on-premises activities. The task force has identified what decisions need to be made at a unit level and what decisions need to be made at a university level, and it has established general guidelines and protocols for units to follow as on-premises activities return.

The next steps will focus on the specific actions that need to be taken to return to campus. For this, the task force is forming 21 subcommittees that will use the initial work of the task force to inform their efforts. The subcommittees will be asked to address specific questions and provide recommendations, and they will remain active throughout the return to campus and will make it a priority to align their activities with decisions that need to be made by the president.