July 24: Supervisor and unit responsibilities regarding MSU Community Compact

We are writing to follow-up on President Stanley’s message regarding the MSU Community Compact. The compact is intended to be a statement of principles and to provide direction for the MSU community as it related to the novel coronavirus pandemic. As you review the compact further, there are several items to be aware of that you, as a supervisor and/or HR representative, are responsible for:

  • The Compact applies to the entire campus community, including faculty and staff;
  • It is the University’s expectation that members of the community, including faculty and staff, not only comply with the Compact but also encourage others to do so as well. Anyone who is concerned about noncompliance can make an anonymous comment to the MSU Misconduct Hotline at 800-763-0764 or misconduct.msu.edu.
  • Enforcement of the principles stated in the compact will be guided by the COVID Directives, in particular the section entitled Employees: Policies Regarding Discipline. It is important to note these directives are designed to evolve as the pandemic situation changes.
  • Violations of the compact/directives may result in disciplinary action pursuant to applicable University policies and collective bargaining agreements as would other violations of university policies and procedures related to the safe operation of the institution.
  • Part of the compact expectations includes supervisors, managers and unit leadership educating the employees in their units about the compact and promoting compliance. You can look to the COVID directives to assist you in providing this education to your employees.

If you or your employees have questions about how this Compact applies to University employees, please contact the HR Solutions Center at 517-353-4434 or SolutionsCenter@hr.msu.edu.