Oct. 22: No Record-COVID-19 grade option for fall 2020

Dear Spartans,

Earlier this week, President Stanley announced that he has approved the recommendation that was made to him by Academic Governance regarding No Record-COVID-19 (NR-C) for undergraduates at MSU.

Under the NR-C policy, if an eligible undergraduate student earns a 1.0 or a 1.5 in an eligible class in Fall 2020, they will be given the opportunity to have the grade converted to NR-C on their transcripts. NR-C would not impact students’ cumulative GPAs or add to their cumulative credits, and they would be able to retake the course without limits and without it impacting their 20-credit retake cap. Any student who earned a 0.0 in a course would have NR-C automatically replace the 0.0 after the instructor submits the grade.

Faculty, advisors, and administrators are currently creating an FAQ that will soon be posted on keeplearning.msu.edu with details about the policy. There is nothing that any student needs to do right now to take advantage of this. There will be a separate similar policy for graduate and professional students.

If you have any questions, please contact your advisor

Mark Largent
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
Dean of Undergraduate Studies