Oct. 23: Employee expectations for spring 2021 semester plans


The university recently announced its plans for the spring 2021 semester in President Stanley’s letter to the MSU community. We are writing today to confirm expectations for employees with this announcement. Employees who are working remotely should continue to do so for the spring semester, in accordance with direction from their supervisors.

In mid-March, the university issued directions that employees should work remotely unless their job duties were such that they must be present physically. Employees should look to their college and unit leadership for direction.

College and unit leadership should continue to work with the COVID-19 Reopening Campus Task Force to determine the safest return to campus for those employees who must return to campus in-person. This includes completing the Return-to-Work Framework, which must be reviewed and approved before any employees beginning to report in-person. To assist units in working through this framework, the Reopening Campus Task Force HR Subcommittee has provided a staffing decision-making guide and supporting documents.

Those on campus should adhere to the MSU Community Compact, and are expected to continue to practice physical distancing at all times (at least six feet of physical separation between yourself and others), practice good personal hygiene, and routinely clean and sanitize your workspace and shared equipment. In addition, MSU still requires screenings to be conducted every day for employees coming to campus. Employees can access the health screening form here. All faculty, staff, students, contractors, suppliers, vendors and visitors are required to continue wearing face coverings over the nose and mouth when in any enclosed public space, unless the individual is unable medically to tolerate a face covering or when another exception listed in the MSU COVID Directives applies. Examples of appropriate face coverings can be found in the COVID Directives.   

Please continue to refer to the HR website for the latest resources to assist employees, supervisors, and HR professionals during this time. Continue to check the Together We Will site for the latest updates and information regarding the university’s response to the coronavirus.


MSU Human Resources

Academic Human Resources