Nov. 13: MSU Community Compact reminders - supervisor and unit responsibilities

We write to you today to ask for your help, as a supervisor or HR representative, in MSU’s commitment to protecting ourselves, our colleagues and our community during this ongoing pandemic. President Stanley recently sent a message to MSU employees, encouraging everyone to continue to do their part, especially with the increase in outbreaks of COVID-19, both locally and nationally.

In July, we shared a message with you about the MSU Community Compact and your responsibilities under the compact as a supervisor and/or HR representative. Some of these items, as noted in President Stanley’s message, are:

  • Continue to ask employees who can work remotely to do so. No one should work in-person unless absolutely necessary.
  • Remind employees working in-person to maintain physical distance of at least 6 feet from others, both at workstations and elsewhere.
  • Encourage employees working in-person to avoid group breaks with co-workers.
  • Remind employees working in-person to continue other measures such as washing hands frequently, wearing a mask and getting tested.
  • Encourage employees to consider participating in the COVID-19 Departure Screening and Testing Program, which President Stanley has extended to all MSU employees, and to download the MI COVID Alert app, which uses Bluetooth technology to detect other app users and will notify individuals when they may have been exposed to someone who has tested positive.

It is important we all remain vigilant as this health care crisis continues. You can help by reminding employees of these expectations regularly and ensuring they are adhered to. Violations of the compact may result in disciplinary action pursuant to applicable university policies and collective bargaining agreements as would other violations of university policies and procedures related to the safe operation of the institution. The COVID Directives guide the enforcement of the principles in the compact.

Thank you for your continued partnership as the university does its part to combat COVID-19.

Human Resources