Feb. 19: To on-campus students - MSU to enter next enhanced physical distance directive phase

Dear Residence Hall and Apartment Residents,   

We’d like to thank you again for your cooperation during this period of enhanced physical distance. Over the past week, we continued to see a slight reduction in positivity rates for the on-campus community. The positivity rate is currently about a .75% among students for the week of Feb. 8. While this is great progress and we are optimistic, we feel it is imperative to stay cautious and monitor Spartan Health Check results to ensure this decrease was maintained in our first phase, the week of Feb. 15. We won’t know if it was maintained until the tests from the weekend are collected. As a result, we will continue the phased approach to lifting the enhanced physical distance directive. 

We need all residents to continue to follow the MSU Community Compact, which includes completing a daily health screening form and participating weekly in the COVID-19 Early Detection Program. Students who do not follow the compact may face university disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the university. It is imperative that we have a full, clear picture of how COVID-19 is impacting our campus community – the Early Detection Program helps give us that. 

During this second phase: 

  • Main lounges, bike rooms, and the reflection room in Butterfield Hall will reopen at 5 p.m. today. 
  • Floor study lounges will remain closed.  
  • Students can now participate in approved two-person activities at the IM buildings, such as table tennis, badminton and pickleball.
  • At this point, we are asking residents to remain vigilant and we want to continue the following measures:  
    • You may not have any visitors in your residence hall room or apartment. 
    • You may not gather in groups or dine together — this includes suitemates, “pod mates” or “bubble mates.” Visiting with a friend in a lounge with masks and 6 feet of physical distancing is permitted. Furniture is set intentionally and must stay in place. 

We do believe we are on the right track, and we hope each phase allows us to further reopen some residential activities. The enhanced physical distance directive will be reviewed and modified as necessary on a weekly basis. An update will be sent to students via email Friday, Feb. 26. 

We understand that being social is an important part of college, and we want you to do it safely. Help us by encouraging your friends and peers to continue wearing face coverings, maintaining physical distance, and adhering to health and safety standards. It’s on all of us to protect this community and each other 

Thank you for doing your part. 


Vennie Gore  
Senior Vice President for Residential and Hospitality Services and Auxiliary Enterprises  
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Services  

Dr. David Weismantel 
University Physician