March 11: Opportunity to volunteer for COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Faculty and Staff, 

The Ingham County Health Department is offering a unique opportunity to MSU faculty and staff to play a role in the COVID-19 vaccine distribution effortMSU employees can now register to volunteer using their NetID.  

Faculty and staff members interested in volunteering must submit their application online. The MSU Police Department will facilitate the health department’s required background check. After the screening process, employee names will be referred to the ICHD, which will contact employees to sign up for shifts at one of the Ingham County vaccination distribution centers.  

By registering to volunteer, you are committing to a minimum of four five-hour shifts. After your fourth shift, you will be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination 

This opportunity is open only to faculty and staff with a valid NetID. It is not available to family members of MSU employees; others who wish to volunteer should contact ICHD directly. You do not need to live in Ingham County or work at the East Lansing campus to register.  

Volunteers play a vital role in COVID-19 vaccine distribution. At least 110 volunteers are needed each shift to manage the logistics while frontline health care workers administer the vaccine and provide appropriate care to patientsThe county’s operation at the MSU Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education is already operating at a high level, administering approximately 180 vaccine doses an hour. Additional volunteers are needed to expand service hours and increase capacity to vaccinate more members of our community 

As with any other volunteer opportunity, support staff must participate on their own time. This means gaining approval from your supervisor to use personal time or paid time off for your shiftsYou also can discuss other options with your supervisor, such as rearranging work hours or electing to take unpaid leave for those hours. Faculty and academic staff may adjust their schedule as appropriate.  

Supervisors are encouraged to work with employees to make volunteering possible. Questions about specific employee situations should be addressed to your human resources representative.  

I encourage you to take advantage of this service opportunity to support a vital effort to end the COVID-19 pandemicTogether, we will.  

Lt. David Oslund 
MSU Emergency Management Coordinator