COVID-19 Vaccine

How to sign up

MSU students, faculty, staff, patients, retirees and their families can receive a COVID-19 vaccine through the MSU Health Care Pharmacy


For MSU employees, the university is allowing up to one hour of release time to receive a vaccine. This would be one hour for each appointment needed based on the vaccine received. The time would not be recorded and would allow the employee to go get a vaccination and return to work, subject to approval by the supervisor.

Vaccine prioritization 

Anyone 12 years of age and older, including international students, is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

It is important to note that each vaccine provider is using its own parameters (some are based on where you live or work), and it may differ from site to site. It may take several weeks to schedule an appointment, based on vaccine supply.

Stay safe after being vaccinated 

It is important to remember that once vaccinated, it is vital that you continue to wear a face covering and practice all COVID-19 related safety measures, as it will take many months before everyone is protected. Employees working from home should continue to do so, even after vaccination, until they are told to return to work.

MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D., College of Human Medicine Associate Dean for Public Health Integration Debra Furr-Holden and MSU Emergency Management Coordinator David Oslund.

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MSU experts address development, safety, efficacy and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

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