What you need to know

researcher examining a plant

  • MSU has taken significant strides to re-activate on-site research and in facilities across the state. More than 30 laboratory research buildings and 550 labs are now open for operation under modified conditions. Safety has been the priority throughout this effort.
  • In the interest of transparency and accountability, MSU provides a variety of administrative contact points to which complaints on unsafe research practices may be addressed, according to the reporting individuals’ personal comfort levels. They include:

    • the advisor or laboratory PI
    • the chairpersons and graduate associate chairpersons in departments and schools,
    • the deans and associate deans in the colleges,
    • the Office of Regulatory Affairs (517-432-4500)
    • the Office of Research & Innovation (517-355-0306 during office hours, or 517-285-5646 any time), and
    • the MSU Misconduct Hotline at 1-800-763-0764, where anonymous reports will be immediately directed to MSU Environmental Health and Safety. (Explanation, and information on anonymous reports, may be found at
  • When research reactivation is to occur within a building, the unit with administrative responsibility for each break area, kitchen or washroom will consult with Infrastructure Planning and Facilities and Environmental Health and Safety concerning the necessary sanitation schedules and practices. Off-campus facilities will consult with the Land Management Office or other managing unit.
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