What you need to know

researcher examining a plant

Along with ensuring the continuity of essential research, MSU has taken significant strides to re-activate on-site research on campus and in MSU facilities across the state. All major research buildings are now open for operation under modified conditions. Safety has been the priority throughout this effort and remains paramount as research continues forward.

  • Research teams should refer to the Building Safety Information Plan that serves as the principal safety plan for all buildings on campus. It will be important for each building to share and review the plan with its occupants so that everyone can work together to promote building safety.
  • Teams in research labs and creative spaces should also refer to their individual lab safety plans and complete any required training.
  • All research faculty and staff (including students) must fill out a health screening form each day they come to campus to work. MSU IT and the University Physician’s office have created an online campuswide health-screening form that units can use.
  • All research teams are encouraged to participate in the Early Detection Program for convenient and free weekly testing.
  • In addition, wearing a mask is now required at all MSU locations. Research teams should refer to the MSU Community Compact for full details on safety protocols and expectations.

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