Resources for Students

Health and medical

MSU Student Health Services is open. Medical visits for MSU students are available at Olin Health Center. Call 517-353-4660, or more information can be found at

Mental health/counseling services

Students in crisis should call 911, go to their nearest emergency room or call CAPS anytime day or night at 517-355-8270 and press "1" at the prompt to receive assistance from a crisis counselor over the phone. 

All services provided by Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS) remain virtual. CAPS counseling and psychiatry staff will work remotely to help meet the needs of MSU students. All routine on-campus operations (e.g. Olin Health Center, MSU Union, embedded counselors in REHS and VetMed) remain suspended except in the rarest of extenuating circumstances. If a student is not able to receive virtual care, we ask them to let us know so we can seek to provide accommodations. 

Group counseling services have resumed virtually and are updated at A number of groups are designed specifically to provide an opportunity for students of certain identities and backgrounds to support and grow with each other in a safe space. 

Students not in crisis who wish to get connected to any CAPS service (e.g., counseling or psychiatry) can begin our universal intake process by pressing the “Click here to get started” button on our homepage.

Given our current times, CAPS has produced a “Virtual Care Kit.” This kit includes information on goal setting, connection, dealing with uncertainty and loss, and meaning and motivation. The virtual care kit is designed to help promote the growth and well-being of our MSU students. 

As a general rule, CAPS providers can only provide treatment services to students residing in Michigan due to licensing laws that govern the practice of our professional staff. However, consultation, referral and care management services are offered on a limited basis to students out of state to assist with connecting to local resources. 

Virtual CAPS Connect

CAPS Connect is a consultation-based service for MSU students, aimed at reaching historically underrepresented groups, in which specific CAPS staff are assigned to unique student populations/areas of campus. CAPS Connect provides a place to talk about concerns. You can have someone listen to you and offer support, or you may prefer to receive expert suggestions about solutions and resources. Through brief 10-15 minute consultations, CAPS staff are able to listen, help students problem-solve specific issues, and develop a relationship that may transition into additional care when needed. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, CAPS Connect was offered on-site at various locations across campus. CAPS Connect is now provided through a virtual platform but will return in-person for Fall 2021. For more information about CAPS Connect, including a schedule for students geared toward specific collleges and centers, please visit

Virtual Outreach Services - Podcasts and Pre-Recorded Videos

Since outreach services were transitioned to virtual offerings, CAPS staff have been providing virtual webinars over zoom. Additionally, there are podcasts and previously recorded videos that are available for viewing.  Topics include, but are not limited to, Gratitude, Coping with COVID-19, Coping with Adjustments, Couples Dynamics, Mindfulness and Self-Care. See topics and links below:

Learning, academic support

MSU has worked to support and connect students and to help ensure their academic success in many ways, including significant efforts by faculty to prepare for online teaching and to improve instruction using new technologies. Find out more about the many learning and academic support resources now available.

Fitness and wellness

Many IM activities are reopening across campus. Find schedules and more information on the RSFS website.

Students can also access MSU Health Promotion for information and resources regarding fitness and wellness, nutrition and disordered eating, substance abuse and recovery. If you have an appointment you wish to cancel or reschedule, or need to speak with a Health Promotion professional, please call 517-353-0718, or you may contact a provider directly via email.