Student Compliance

Spartans can save livesMSU’s COVID-19 vaccine directives require students to be vaccinated and have received at least one booster against COVID-19, with limited medical and religious exemptions, as well as exemptions for students if they are taking online-only classes and will not be on property owned or governed by MSU for any reason.

Submit verification  

Student compliance checklist

To be compliant with the directives, students must:

  • Confirm vaccination status or apply for an exemption by:
    • Completely filling out the vaccine verification form with approved vaccine and booster (more than one booster can be submitted but is not required) 
      • Include vaccination dates and vaccine type; or
      • Submit medical, religious, or online-only exemption request
    • If you request an exemption:
      • If approved, you do not need to take part in any weekly testing. But students approved for an online-only class exemption cannot come to any MSU property during the semester, for any reason. Those in violation will face discipline, including and up to expulsion.
      • If denied, you must receive a COVID-19 vaccine or you will be referred to the appropriate disciplinary process. If you would like, you may appeal the denial determination by following the appeal process in the vaccine verification form.

COVID-19 directives compliance (CDC) holds

If a student is not fully compliant, a COVID-19 directive compliance hold is placed on their account. The hold prevents students from accessing grades, enrolling in or changing courses and receiving financial aid refunds. 

To lift the COVID-19 directive compliance hold on their account, students must complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the vaccine verification form and review your submission using a compatible web browser (MSU recommends using Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge)
  2. Check that the form is completely filled out with full vaccination information, including all dates and vaccine types (even if requesting an exemption, the verification form must be completed)
  3. Check that second vaccination information has been submitted if receiving a two-dose vaccine regimen
  4. Ensure your booster information has been properly submitted (if eligible for a booster). A how-to guide can be found here.

If the verification form is filled out completely, then the hold is on because an exemption request was denied, and the student has not yet received a vaccine or filled out the verification form

Once a student takes the appropriate steps, MSU’s Office of the Provost will review the hold status.

Student compliance support

Students can contact the Student Compliance and Care team by emailing or calling 888-353-1294, option 5, extension 2, between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday for additional support if needed.