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Dr. Gale Strasburg, Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

Welcome Statement
East Lansing — I wish to welcome you to browse our departmental home page and explore our diverse programs. Our department has a strong heritage which embraces the diversity of our people and their professional disciplines to achieve the specific objectives of a world class Land Grant institution. Strong educational, research and outreach (extension) programs are established through the commitment of competent individuals serving in a focused fashion to address society's needs. My overarching vision for the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition is "to provide an environment in which individual faculty, staff and student contributions flourish in alignment with common goals.". [ More ]


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Announcement / Upcoming Events / News
Food Product Development Team & Danisco Knowledge Awards
Great Lakes IFT Section Scholarships Application
Nutritional Immunology Position
G. Malcolm Trout Lecture
Better Process Control School
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program
CIP Registration
The 20th Annual J. R. Brunner Protein Symposium / Student Paper Competition
FSHN Spring Seminar Series and G. Malcolm Trout Visiting Scholar Program

Tropicana Diversity Scholarship for Food Science Majors
Tropicana Scholarship home page
Click here for Information about
Nutritional Immunology Program
Research Opportunities in Microbial Food Safety

2006 FSHN Outstanding Alumni Awardee

FSHN Scholarships
The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate scholarships each year. Click  to view the list of scholarships and the application.
Application must be submitted electronically by Feb1. Please contact Linda Young in 236 FSHN (517)355-8474 Ext 114, or Youngli@msu.edu, if you have questions.

External Graduate Scholarships/Fellowships