Jeffrey A. Coupe

Practioner Discussant

Before attending graduate school, Jeffrey Coupe worked in West Africa and the Mahgreb in agricultural extension and food security. Since graduate school, he has worked for several NGOs, USAID, the World Bank, and UNESCO as an independent consultant, splitting his time between political economics and social analyses on the one hand and education and community technology on the other. He considered the capabilities problem in a Middle East Policy article that can be obtained through High Beam. He is a co-founder of Center for Innovative Communities (CIC). Fellow co-founder, Jeff Elkner has recently published an article in Red Hat Linux Magazine (see end of article) that should give a sense of what CIC does. Since 2002, Mr. Coupe has continued work in education and community technology, principally with youth programs in Temara, Morocco and in Arlington, Virginia.

Director for Community Institutions and Social Capital
Center for Innovative Communities
3600 S. 14th Street
Arlington, VA 22204

Telephone: +1 (703) 920-5069

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