5th Annual Graduate Student

Philosophy Conference

In Social-Political Thought and Value Theory

Friday, February 27 – Saturday, February 28    2004
Michigan State University

Friday, February 27, 2004 - Patenge Room, East Fee Hall

2:00 - 3:00

 Registration and Welcome Reception

3:00 - 3:15

 Welcoming remarks

3:15 - 4:10

 Talk 1†   Modified Speciesism and A Humean Argument Against It

                 Author: Monica Gerrek, University of Kansas

                 Commentator: Chris Kaposy, SUNY – Stony Brook

4:20 - 5:15

 Talk 2    Intuition and Equivalence

Author: Moon Duchin, University of Chicago

Commentator: John Mariana, Michigan State University

5:25 - 6:20

 Talk 3    Kant and the Problem of Conflicting Duties

Author: Heather Fieldhouse, Michigan State University

Commentator: Lauren Fleming, Georgetown University


7:15 - 10:00

 Informal Potluck Dinner (Home of Dr. Stephen Esquith, Department Chair)

Saturday, February 28, 2004 – Patenge Room, East Fee Hall

9:00 - 9:40

 Registration and Continental Breakfast


9:45 - 10:40

 Talk 4  Dworkin's Theory of Justified Paternalism

Author: Mark Engleson, Univeristy of Texas – Austin

Commentator: Alison Crane Reiheld, Michigan State University

10:50 -11:45

 Talk 5  “Proventing” Terrorism: A Human Needs Approach

Author: Michelle Maiese, University of Colorado – Boulder

Commentator: J. Eric Lambert, Michigan State University



 LUNCH   (participants are on their own)


1:30 - 2:25


 Talk 6  Living With the Crocodiles

Author: Audra King, University of Colorado – Boulder

Commentator: Meredith Verrochi, Michigan State University

2:35 - 3:30

 Talk 7  Reclaiming the Aesthetic Imagination for the Task of Thinking: A

Philosophical Approach to Communicative Praxis and Appreciation of the Fine Arts

Author: Basem Amin, University of Montana

Commentator: Andrew Pierce, Michigan State University



4:00 – 6:00

 Keynote Address, East Fee Hall, E109:  Kant's Argument For Perpetual Peace

Bernard Boxill, University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill


6:30 – 9:00

 Reception Dinner, Gourmet Village


† Each talk shall be 55 minutes in length and will include: 30 minutes for paper presentation, 10 minutes for commentator response, 5 minutes for a rebuttal by the speaker, and 10 minutes for questions from the audience.




Visit our website at http://www.msu.edu/unit/phl/gradconference for abstracts of each paper, information on our keynote speaker, and registration for the conference. 

Attendance is open to anyone who registers in advance or on the day of the conference.