Integrating AAC in the School Curriculum
CSD 823X Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Michigan State University

What is AAC?
According to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA), augmentative and alternative communication is a form of communication (other than oral expression) through which a person is able to express their wants, thoughts, needs, and ideas. There are two types of of AAC systems: unaided and aided communication systems. Unaided systems rely on the individual's body to convey messages (gestures, sign language, etc). Aided systems require the use of tools in addition to the individual's body (utilizing paper and pencil, communication boards, voice output devices, etc).

What types of AAC are used in the schools?
Some forms of AAC utilizing in the schools includes manual sign language, gestures, vocalizations, communication boards, PECS, electronic devices, and/or speech generating devices.

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