Estate Planning Links

  1. Estate Planning Tools:  Recommended Publications
  2. Federal Estate Tax Exemption Equivalents:  2001-2010
  3. Maximum Federal Estate Tax Rates To Decline 2001-2010
  4. Stepped-Up Basis for Heirs:  Changes in 2010 
  5. Gifting Strategies:  Which Property?
  6. How Would Repeal of the Federal Estate Tax Affect Farmers?
  7. Farmers Share of the Federal Estate Tax:  How much impact on farmers?
  8. Estate Planning Glossary
  9. Estate Planning (Iowa State Extension--Neil Harl)
  10. Estate Planning (Purdue/Indiana)
  11. Forest Stewardship:  Estate Planning
  12. Money Mechanics:  Estate Planning
  13. Federal Estate and Gift Taxes
  14. Determining Property Tax Basis
  15. Delayed Payment of Federal Estate Taxes
  16. Special-Use and Alternate Valuation of Estate Property
  17. Tenants in Common Ownership as an Estate Planning Tool
  18. Joint Tenancy as an Estate Planning Tool
  19. A Trust As An Estate Planning Tool
  20. Using A Trust In Farm & Ranch Estate Planning
  21. Using Gifting In Farm & Ranch Estate Planning
  22. Gifting Farm Assets
  23. Charitable Remainder Trusts & Charitable Annuities as Estate Planning Tools
  24. A Will As An Estate Planning Tool
  25. Decisions After A Death
  26. Two-Generation Farming:  Step One--Getting Started
  27. Two-Generation Farming:  Step Two--Selecting a Business Arrangement
  28. Two-Generation Farming:  Step Three--Making It Work
  29. Two-Generation Farming:  Transferring Machinery and Livestock
  30. Choosing and Working With A Lawyer
  31. Our Valuable Records
  32. Social Security:  A What's What Guide to Programs
  33. Questions to Ask Before You Start Transferring the Farm Business
  34. When to Transfer the Farm
  35. Major Tax Considerations When Transferring Assets
  36. Should You Sell Your Real Estate?
  37. How to Be Fair With Off-Farm Heirs
  38. Protecting the On-Farm Heirs
  39. Developing a Written Transfer Plan
  40. The Revocable Living Trust
  41. Transferring Breeding Stock and Machinery
  42. Selling Crops and Market Livestock
  43. Ag Tax Tidbits

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