Roger Betz
District Extension Farm
Management Agent
Southwest Michigan

Estate Planning and Business Succession

Beginning Estate Planning Publications
  1. Estate Planning in Montana: Getting Started, MT199508 HRA
  2. Transferring The Family Business to the Next Generation, Roger Betz, MSU
  3. The Federal Estate Tax, MT199104 HR
  4. MI-706, MI Treasury Michigan Estate Tax
  5. Estate Transfer Summary, MSU Ag Econ SP03-02 Kelsey
  6. Life Insurance: An Estate Planning Tool, MT 199211 HR
  7. Gifting: A Property Transfer Tool of Estate Planning, MT199105 HR
  8. Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate? Transferring Non-Titled Property, MT 199701 HR
  9. 40 Estate Planning Tools, Section #5, The Ohio State University
  10. Glossary of Estate Planning Terms, MT200202 HR
  11. Link to: The Ohio State University Web page on Business Succession

Estate Planning Publications

  1. Probate Administration of Decedent’s Estate, State Bar of Mich
  2. Durable Power of Attorney, State Bar of Mich
  3. Patient Advocate Designation, State Bar of Mich
  4. Trust: Definitions, Types, and Taxation, EPS #5, Minnesota
  5. Revocable Living Trust, EPS # 6, Minnesota
  6. Estate Planning with Living Trust, State Bar of Mich
  7. Charitable Remainder Trust and Charitable Annuities as Estate Planning Tools, Nebraska NF96-298
  8. Special-Use and Alternative Valuation of Estate Property, Nebraska
  9. Intergenerational Transfer Taxation, Un of Missouri
  10. Income Tax Issues for Estate Planning, EPS #7, Minnesota Extension
  11. Income Tax Considerations, Ohio State
  12. Estate Planning Links - List of web sites with topics - Missouri

Farm Business Transfer and Succession Topics

  1. Farm Organization Options, MSU Ag Econ SP2001-43 Kole
  2. Comparisons of Business Organizations Table – MSU Kelsey
  3. Estate Planning, Planning for Tomorrow, Iowa State University Extension
  4. Two-Generation Farming, Step 1: Getting Started, Iowa State University Extension
  5. Two-Generation Farming, Step 2: Selecting a Business Arrangement, Iowa State University Extension
  6. Two-Generation Farming, Step 3: Making it Work, Iowa State University Extension
  7. Two-Generation Farming, Transferring Machinery and Livestock, Iowa State University Extension
  8. Limited Liability Company, Kelsey MSU
  9. Pre-Partnership Employment Contract, Roger Betz, Ralph Hepp, MSU
  10. Life Time Transfer Strategies, University of Missouri
  11. Link to: The Ohio State University Web page on Business Succession

Other Estate Planning Publications

  1. Acting for Adults who become Disabled, State Bar of Michigan
  2. Planning for Medicaid Qualification, State Bar of Michigan
  3. Disposing of Personal and Household Items, EPS#9, University of Minnesota Extension
  4. What is a Personal Representative, Montana State University
  5. Estate Planning for Families with Minor Children, Montana State University
  6. Annuities, Montana State University
  7. Inheriting an IRA: Planning techniques for primary beneficiaries, Montana State University
  8. Inheriting an IRA: Planning techniques for successor beneficiaries, Montana State University
  9. Sample Estate Tax Calculations and Illustration of Potential Savings from a Simple Estate Plan, Sec 10, The Ohio State University
  10. Blank Forms to Analyze Your Own Settlement Cost, Section 11, The Ohio State University
  11. The Personal Finance Scorecard: Your Annual Check, Virginia Cooperative Extension
  12. Scorecard Checkup, Virginia Cooperative Extension

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MSUE Estate Planning & Business Succession Power Point Presentation, Roger Betz

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