Canine Coaches LLC was formed by Beth Bishop and Linda Nichols to provide positive dog training classes, especially those geared toward dog sports (either competitive or just for fun), to the people of the Greater Lansing area. Canine Coaches currently offers classes in Competition Obedience, PreAgility, Tricks, Canine Good Citizen, Motivational Puppy, and Rally Obedience. In the near future we plan to offer classes in other dog sports, such as Freestyle.

All classes are dog-friendly, positive, and use scientifically proven principles of "operant conditioning" to teach dogs. Both Linda and Beth discovered "operant conditioning" (sometimes known as "clicker training") several years ago. They began using it to train their own dogs and were impressed with the change in their dogs' learning and attitude. Both have continued to learn to apply these principles by reading, watching videos, and attending seminars, including in-depth workshops conducted by animal training professionals.

Canine Coaches is committed to providing a positive, enjoyable, and educational dog training experience to both people and dogs. We recognize that you have chosen to spend your valuable free time attending our classes, and we are determined to make it worthwhile for both you and your dog.