Beginning Rally-O. Rally Obedience is a fun, new dog sport that combines elements of agility and traditional obedience. It emphasizes fun and excitement for the dog/handler team while providing a more natural and interactive approach than traditional obedience. In this class you will learn the basic rules and philosophy of Rally as well as learn how to read and walk a Novice level course. This is a great way to improve your dog's working attitude while developing a sense of teamwork.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of a beginning-level obedience class.

Advanced Rally-O. This class will provide advanced exercises for performing Rally, practice on courses, and work on heeling and other obedience behaviors used in this sport.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of the beginning Rally O class or instructor approval.

Beginning PreAgility. For those wishing to do agility, build confidence, or just have fun with their dog. Introduces foundation skills for agility (negotiating obstacles, handling, and direction and control of your dog).

Advanced PreAgility. A continuation of Beginning PreAgility. Class involves more practice of obedience skills for agility and more advanced handling techniques. The teeter totter and weave poles are introduced, obstacle performance is refined and short sequences are introduced.
Prerequisite: Beginning PreAgility, Puppy PreAgility, or instructor permission.

Puppy. For puppies 11 weeks through 4 months old.  This 6 week class emphasizes socialization which helps build confidence and teaches your puppy how to interact with other dogs and people. Household management, prevention of unwanted behaviors and some basic behaviors taught.

Teenage Canines. What happened to your good little puppy who came when he was called, did what you asked him to, and got along with everyone? He grew up and became a teenager! This class is designed to address the issues involved in training and living with adolescent dogs (5 to 18 months old). Increase your teenager's reliability and consistency around distractions. Learn how to deal with common adolescent problems.
Prerequisite: Puppy or Doggy Manners.

Doggy Manners. Basic level obedience class (6 weeks) for those who want to learn how to positively influence their dog's behavior. Learn how to shape desired behaviors that will make your pet a better companion and family member without using force. We will work on some basic exercises such as sit, down, come, stay and walking on a loose leash as well as discuss problem solving techniques for household management issues; i.e. jumping up, housebreaking, undesirable greeting behaviors etc. Dogs should be 5 months or older. No dogs the first session.
No previous training experience required.

Manners on the Road. Here's your opportunity to train and perfect good doggy manners in public with distractions. Class will meet at a different location each week. This class is geared towards dogs and their humans who have learned basic manners and want an opportunity to practice in "real life" situations.

Tricks. Have fun with your dog while improving the relationship and your training skills. Learn how to train several tricks, choosing from simple tricks (bow, wave, spin), useful tricks (go to your mat), tricks for exercise and conditioning (sit and beg, crawl, weave through legs), fun tricks (jump through hoop, play soccer), retrieving tricks, and more complex tricks (bang, dead dog).
Prerequisite: Successful completion of a beginning level obedience class.

Introduction to K9 Nosework®  What is this new dog activity that everyone is talking about? Come find out and join the fun in this six-week introductory class.  Dogs LOVE to use their nose to hunt for things.  K9 Nosework® is a simple way to exercise your dog, mentally and physically.   It can be done in almost any environment and requires only great dog treats or toys and some cardboard boxes!  This is an excellent activity for shy or nervous dogs to build confidence and is LOTS of fun for the human partner. 

Beginning Therapy Dog/Canine Good Citizen. Improve your dog's basic manners and foundation skills and help him to learn how to respond despite distractions. This class will also cover the skills required for the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International test. The CGC test will be given at the end of the class. This class is appropriate for dogs that have taken a basic manners/puppy class or equivalent.

Canine Life Skills (Continuing Education). For dogs and handlers who have taken a basic manners type class (teenage canines, doggy manners or equivalent). Continue your dog's education, perfect "everyday" basic skills using fun exercises games and field trips. Prepare to take the Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) evaluation (included). For more information about C.L.A.S.S. see