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I would like to introduce my associate Bob


Bob and his son Brook, Bob is sitting in his hospital bed where he spends most of his day

Bob (right) and his son Brook

Bob Bailey, a quadriplegic, is seeking donations to assist him in living independently. The following list represents some of his needs.

1. Bathtub $1800, 2. Environmental control system $1350, 3. Doorway widening $1000, 4. Chevy cargo van $6,000. Total funds needed $10,150

For more detailed information about Bob's challenges contact Stephen Blosser rehabilitation engineer.

To make a donations or to offer financial support contact Kathy Ellis at Community Connections, a Center for Independent Living Benton Harbor Michigan 49022 Phone: 269-925-6422 FAX: 269-925-7141

Bob is appealing to Michigan's (FIA) Family Independence Agency for help, however, not all items are covered.



Stephen Blosser was introduced to Bob in September 2005 by Kathy Ellis, Director of Community Connections, a Center for independent Living in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Bob experiences quadriplegia (C3) and lives in his own mobile home with the assistance of independently hired personal assistants. Bob is about 34 years old. He had a diving accident about 4 years ago and is in fair health. He is fighting bed sores but hopes to buy an air fluidized bed soon to help this battle.

This report has been prepared as an addition to previous assessments performed by other professionals.


Problem Areas

1. Bathing

Bob desires, very strongly, to take a bath. He hasn't’t had one, other than sponge baths, in two years.


His current bathroom is too small and inaccessible for Bob's chair or lift to enter. The hallway is too narrow for the wheelchair to pass.


To remodel his large dining room with a bath tub with legs such as the one shown below. This would allow Bob be placed into the bathtub directly with his hoyer lift. This bathtub could be fitted with a Jacuzzi that would be used for physical therapy and also to assist in healing and preventing bedsores.


A free standing bathtub with legs that allow Bob's Hoyer lift wheels to pass underneath

American Standard bathtub $1800


2. Environmental Control System (EADL)

Job Task

Using the telephone and initiating emergency calls controlling the thermostat, turning on and off lights in the room, turning on a fan, controlling the radio and television, changing stations and volume. Locking and unlocking the door.


Bob's quadriplegia prevents him from operating the electrical systems in his home. His son has improvised a telephone with extended switches but they often fall out of reach and he is unable to initiate telephone calls for emergencies.

Bob is alone during the night it is critical that he have access to a call button in the event of emergencies.


To provide a method for Bob to control the lights heating system air-conditioning system, television and telephone in his home. So that Bob can initiate telephone calls to his doctor, pharmacist, family members, etc.


Relax 3 System Package Environmental Control System from Tash inc. $1350 with accessories and modules.

3.Doorway widening

Job Task

Entering and exiting Bob’s home in a wheelchair

Bob's wheelchair scrapes the sides of his narrow door to his home

Entering Bob's home with a wheelchair is difficult


Bob's current entrance door is only 32 inches wide. Bob's wheelchair is about the same width and sometimes gets stuck his Bob passes through. These events often damage the chair and the frame of his door.


Is for Bob to independently enter and exit his home without damage to his chair and entranceway


Replace the 32 inch wide door with a standard 36 inch door. Several repairs will also need to be made to the floor and entranceway near the door.


Cost approximately $1000 to purchase a new door and for installation.

4. Transportation

A chevy van with rust

Bob's old van needs replacement

Job Task

It is necessary for Bob to use his own vehicle to visit the doctor, pharmacy, therapy and other personal family visits.

Bob has also expressed a desire to attend church. Bob is not currently active in any religious based activity.

Bob has a wheelchair lift that can be fitted in a 1990 to 1996 Chevy cargo van.


Bob lives in the small-town area where public transportation services are limited. Public transportation is often slow and unreliable. Bob's fragile health would be endangered with long waits in the sun or in cold weather.

Bob's current van is in poor mechanical condition. With several electrical system malfunctions. Michigan rust and many miles has rendered it too costly to repair.


Bob needs a more reliable vehicle such as a Chevy cargo van that he can mount his wheelchair lift.


Bob's powered lift can be transferred to a newer Chevy cargo van. We estimate the cost of a replacement vehicle at about $6,000.


Bathtub $1800, environmental control system $1350, doorway $1000, Chevy cargo van $6,000. Total $10,150


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