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Links to Assistive Technology Sites


Companies involved in making of assistive technology

Adamlab -- Makers of inexpensive VOCAs ( Voice Output Communication Aids) . Be sure to check out their WWW Assistive Technology sites
Mayer Johnson --Augmentative Communication Products including input devices and more
NanoPac Inc.-- Products and services for individuals with disabilities
Prentke Romich Company--One of the oldest manufacturers of assistive technology devices


Artificial Language Laboratory-- My favorite
Oklahoma Assistive Technology Center-- Visit and sign the guest book and meet other Assistive Technology searchers like yourself
RESNA, Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America-- Check out career opportunities and special interest groups

Links to helpful information

Learn to write handicapper accessible web pages
Web Accessibility Initiative pages at W3C.
Analyze web pages for their accessibility (Bobby)
Summer Institute in Educational and Assistive Technology from the Dept. Of Education
What is Assistive Technology?

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