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Welcome Back 6th Graders and Parents!

Thank you for taking time to visit the class web site. On this page, you can learn what to expect in Ms. Browning's class. You can also see examples of some of the work we will be doing in 6th grade Computers.

Course Description
Classroom Policies
Samples of Student Work

Course Description

The course meets 5 days a week for 12 weeks. Class periods are approximately 40 minutes. The 6th grade curriculum starts with a review of the basics. We spend the first two weeks going over last year's topics: opening and saving files, naming parts of the application window, editing and printing documents, rules of the classroom and guidelines set forth in the district's Acceptable Use Policy. (Download Acceptable Use Policy in Word Format)

After a thorough review, we move on to learning the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint. Students will create an electronic slideshow complete with graphics, animation, and hyperlinks. 

Parents, please note:  All students are required to create a PowerPoint presentation, but giving the presentation is optional. Students cannot receive higher than a C on this assignment if they opt out of the live presentation. If you do not want your child to have the choice to opt out, please let me know by phone or in writing. (591-8312 or kbrowin@fenton.k12.mi.us)

After approximately 4 weeks in PowerPoint, students will take another look at Excel. We'll review the basics first, then work more with formulas. We will finish up by learning the database features available in Excel: sorting, filtering and subtotaling. The final unit for 6th graders focuses on the Internet: common terminology, how to search effectively, and how to evaluate Web content.

Each day, we start out with a  warm up - it might be 5 minutes of keyboard practice, or it could be a series of questions from the previous day's lesson. New material is introduced almost daily with plenty of practice time and time to complete assigned work.

In addition to projects, there are two essay quizzes covering PowerPoint and Excel Database features. Each of these quizzes requires 4 well-written answers. The quizzes are worth half the points of major hands-on projects such as PowerPoint presentations.

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Classroom Policies     

Parents, when your child starts Computer class you will receive a letter detailing classroom policies. Here are some highlights:

Class grades are based on a combination of in-class assignments, quizzes, homework (rare), and participation. Computers is a “specials” class and therefore students are graded on an S/U basis according to the following percentages:

90 – 100%


70 – 89%


60 – 69%


Below 60%


Progress reports are sent home periodically - expect them. Students receive homework points for returning progress reports signed by a parent or guardian.

Since not all students have a computer at home, plenty of class time is given to complete projects. In the event a student needs extra time, he/she may sign up to use the lab during lunchtime or before school. Homework is rare, and it generally does not require use of a computer to complete.

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All students will have the opportunity to learn typing without looking at the keyboard. Those students who had me for 5th Grade Computers had time last year to work on touch typing. If you truly worked on touch typing, you'll have no trouble with the new keyboard covers we're using in 6th grade. If your speed tests are consistently above 30 WPM, you’ll get a certificate!

You'll create an attention getting slideshows in Microsoft PowerPoint. You'll learn about animation, more about graphics, and a bit about creating your own hyperlinks.

Last year, 5th graders were introduced to the power of Microsoft Excel. This year, you'll take Excel to the next level. You will learn new formulas when we do our South American Countries comparison project. And you will learn how to set up and manipulate a database when you create a database of items you own at home. We'll even create a formula to total your net worth.

Toward the end of the 12 weeks in computer class, students will focus on the Internet. We'll do a 3-day research project comparing 3 of the Apollo Moon missions. We'll do some minor projects involving effective searching. And we'll finish up with a project where students compare and evaluate content on different Web sites. (See a preview of some of the concepts we'll be covering in this article: How to evaluate a Web Site)

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Samples of Student Work

Microsoft PowerPoint Colton's Presentation
Microsoft Excel Database Project (partial)
South American Countries Comparison
Internet Worksheet for Apollo Research
Sample Website Evaluation

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