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Unit 1: Evolution of the Traditional Old Paradigm Approach

Lesson A: Historical Evolution of the Thin Ideal

Lesson B: Media Influence, the Thin Ideal, and Body Image

Lesson C: The Relationship Between Weight & Health


Unit 2: Practices Founded on the Old Paradigm

Lesson A: Weight Loss Prevalence & Methods

Lesson B: Health Care Providers, Education & Old Paradigm-Based Practice

Lesson C: Prescribed Weight Loss: An Old Paradigm Intervention

Lesson D: Sedentary Lifestyle & The Goals of Healthy People 2000


Unit 3: Rationale for The New Paradigm

Lesson A: Failures of the Old Paradigm

Lesson B: Healthy Weight

Lesson C: Benefits of Physical Activity


Unit 4: Practices Founded on The New Paradigm

Lesson A: Size-Friendly Health Care Practice

Lesson B: Body Image/Size Acceptance

Lesson C: Healthy, Unrestrained Eating

Lesson D: Promoting Physical Activity

Lesson E: New Paradigm-Based Client Information


Unit 5: Self-Assessment Activities

Case Presentation # 1: A New Paradigm Application

Case Presentation # 2: A New Paradigm Application


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