.....Welcome, health care professionals. Whether you are a counselor, dietitian, health educator, nurse, nurse practitioner, physician, physician assistant, or other health care provider, this web site has been designed to help you provide care for your clients with weight-related concerns. Millions of Americans struggle with weight issues on a daily basis, and most have experienced this struggle for many years. It is time for us, as professionals, to accept the challenge and employ appropriate measures to help our clients end this battle, thus improving their physical and mental health.

 .....The information here is not a diet or weight loss plan. Instead, you will find alternatives to recommending diets and weight loss for clients. You may discover that the information presented is unlike what you have been taught. It is meant to provide you with a more balanced view of information available on weight-related issues and overall health. The facts and advice contained here may provoke intense emotions since they may contradict past learning and question the strong cultural ideals and judgements we have lived with for so long. Please review the information at your own pace with an open mind and allow time for the concepts to solidify in your mind as you discover their practicality.

 This web site will provide you with the following:

  • The historical evolution of the thin, ideal body, how the media influences this ideal, and how this ideal is affecting the body image of millions of Americans, particularly women
  • The relationship between body weight and health
  • Current weight loss practices, their prevalence, and the effects of weight loss attempts
  • Sedentary lifestyle prevalence and the physical activity goals of Healthy People 2000
  • Health care provider interventions based on what will be termed The Traditional Old Paradigm Approach and the problems inherent to this approach
  • A definition of healthy weight
  • The psychological and physical benefits of physical activity
  • Suggestions for encouraging clients to have more positive thoughts about themselves and their bodies, reducing body hatred, and connecting the mind and the body
  • Suggestions for encouraging healthy, unrestrained eating
  • Methods to assist clients in adopting and/or maintaining a physically active lifestyle
  • Suggestions for making your offices/clinics and practices size-friendly
  • Opportunities for self-evaluation through participation in case presentations
  • Opportunities to provide feedback to the authors of this site

.....Whether you already utilize more gentle methods of counseling, educating, and intervening with clients who have weight-related concerns, or if you are interested in learning more about The New Paradigm Approach For Assisting Clients With Weight-Related Concerns, we believe there is something to be learned by all who participate in the lessons of this web site.

.....Your clients need you! They need your guidance, support, knowledge, and caring attitude to accomplish some of the most difficult changes--reconciliation of weight-related concerns and/or size acceptance. We believe we can help you. So, please involve yourself in this site. Bookmark this URL and come back to complete the lessons if your time is limited. Maintain the bookmark for easy access at the office or clinic where you see clients. We welcome your constructive feedback and have provided a means for E-mail contact with us.

 .....Along the left margin you see the table of contents, which will remain on your screen no matter where you are in the site. We suggest that you start at the beginning in order to facilitate a more complete understanding of the interventions that are suggested at the end. The "client information" section will contain print-outs you may copy for your clients. Although most browsers can be used to view this site, First Do No Harm is best viewed when using Netscape (at 800X600 Resolution).


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