Hook: Daiichi 1730 (bent shank nymph hook) size 8

Thread: olive or brown 8/0

Tail: moose hair

Abdomen: hex colored Antron dubbing

Gills: gray aftershaft feather

Thorax: brass bead and dubbing

Legs: brown dyed grizzly hen hackle

Slide the bead on the hook and position it out of the way near the hook eye. Start the thread near the bend in the shaft and cover the shaft to the hook bend. Tie on 3-5 shank length moose hairs. Form a dubbing loop of the Antron dubbing and dub about 1/3 of the shank from the hook bend to the shaft bend. Tie in the aftershaft feather by the tip. Dub the rest of the abdomen to just in front of the shaft bend. Wind the aftershaft feather forward and tie it off just in front of the dubbing. Tie off the thread with two half hitches and cement. Move the bead to in front of the dubbing and push it up against the dubbing. Start the thread again at the eye and cover the shank up to the bead. Add a short section of dubbing in front of the bead. Tie in the hen hackle by the tip in front of the dubbing and wind it two or three times around the shank. Tie off the hackle and wind a small thread head. Finish with half hitches or whip finish. Trim the hackle all around to about 1/4". Trim the aftershaft feather all around to about 1/8".