Hook: Mustad 9672 or equivalent

Thread: 8/0 same color as the fly body

Tail: Marabou

Body: Medium Ice Chenille

Eyes: Rainy Float Foam

The original Booby Fly uses bright colors for the tail and body. For carp, however, I recommend all olive, all brown, or all black. The original also uses small poly balls secured in a piece of nylon stocking for the eyes. That much flotation is not needed for carp and the larger eyes are more likely to attract bass than carp.

Start the thread at the eye of the hook and cover the shank with thread. Stop the thread near the eye. Tie on a 1/2 inch long cylinder offloat foam with figure of eight wraps and cement. The effect is the same as weighted dumbell eyes except the eyes provide flotation rather than weight. Move the thread to the bend of the hook and tie on the marabou tail (shank length). Tie in the chenille and move the thread to in front of the eyes. Wind the chenille forward and tie off in front of the eyes. Form a small head, tie off, and cement.

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