Rollover Scud

Hook: Tiemco 2457  #6-10

Thread: to match body

Body: Antron dubbing (olive, grey, tan, pink, orange)

Weight: piece of lead wire

Back: blue fluorescent monofilament  spinning line

Rib: blue fluorescent monofilament spinning line

Lash a piece of lead wire along the top of the hook shank and secure with glue or head cement.  Tie down pieces of mono line for the back and let hang off the rear.  Tie in ribbing and let hang off the rear.  Dub the body with a dubbing loop and the dubbing material placed perpendicular to the line (producing a spiky rope).  Wrap the rib forward and tie off.  Pull the mono line for the back forward and tie off.  Finish a thread head and trim the mono from the back to stick out over the hook eye.

[see LaFontaine, Gary.  Trout Flies (Proven Patterns).  Greycliff, 1993. for more detail.]