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I2K: the little movie that could

Three years in the making.  A cast of several.  No budget.

Looking back, it's a miracle we ever finished this movie.  We had only ourselves to blame, though.  From the start, Ryan and I scripted a movie that involved WAY too many characters, and for some reason, they all loved to be on camera at the same time.  We learned a lot about creative editing, let me tell you.  

Eventually, we got the number of parts down to a reasonable size (note that we still had people playing multiple roles), and then we went about casting.  When you aren't paying actors, it's easy to get friends to take on a role, but much harder to actually capture them on film.  We have some busy friends.  Thankfully, we got our first choices for every role, which is a good thing considering that the roles were written with someone specific in mind.  Come on..."Gun-Toting Vigilante Man"?  "Multiple-Personality-Disorder Man"?  "The EVIL Dr. Fu-Man-Lou"?  It couldn't be more obvious.  

Once we had (sort-of) secured our actors, it came down to filming.  Coordinating the participation of 7 people, even on a weekend, is a difficult task.  Sometimes we forgot to get an extra person to run the camera.  The camera microphone broke, which we discovered after the first day of filming.  Sometimes we didn't bring the props.  We had to read from the script and do a dozen takes.  OK, that last one was our own fault.

People started moving away before their scenes were done.  Large chunks of the script had to be modified.  Special effects budgets were slashed!  Finding a location to stand in for Meijer's was especially tricky, not to mention convincing my parents to let us use their backyard for the climactic food fight.  In the end, a Herculean effort by the crew brought filming to a close.  Then the movie sat on the tape...and waited.

Fast-forward to November, 2001.  My dad's new computer with digital video editing capability sat unused.  Ryan and I finally decided to get off our butts and put the movie out before Christmas.  In the course of a single weekend, we transferred the entire film to hard disk, learned to use the program while producing a trailer, and assembled a rough cut of the movie complete with voice-overs (many thanks to Phil, our versatile voice talent) and digital effects.  Our average bedtime was right around 5 a.m.

A couple weeks later, armed with an updated version of the editing software, we fine-tuned the picture for sound volume and brightness, and added the detailed touches (like slow-motion!).  I stayed up all night burning DVD copies of the final cut, waiting 35 minutes between switching discs.

You may have seen the finished product.  We're very proud of it, and I'd say it was worth the trouble.  I2K is a labor of love dedicated to our friends and family who made it possible.

That said, anyone want to fund the next one?

What are people like YOU saying about I2K?

"That's great" --Dr. William Hartmann

"So, you're having a film festival, huh?  You're showing I2K first?  OK, I might be late" --Alex Kokas

"You shouldn't just give this away" --Marguerite Tonjes

"What can I say, sheer genius!" --Brian Sharpee

"Quite possibly the best Infinity Man ever, and that's saying something!" --Zachary Constan

The Cast of I2K: Infinity Man 2000: The Search for Sponsors

Character Position Actor/Actress Character's interesting stat Actor's personal fact
Infinity Man The Hero Zach Constan Needs to read long expositions from script Can't act bland.
Can't act, period!
Captain Reactant Member of the Justice Bowling League
Ryan Humphrey Likes crunchy shakes Enjoyed roughing up his brother
Multiple Personality Disorder Man  Member of the Justice Bowling League
Wayne Tonjes Regularly beats self at bridge
Can't pronounce "aspartame"
Gun-Toting Vigilante Man Member of the Justice Bowling League Bob Slater Doesn't hesitate to deal out a good soaking A lot like his character
The "Evil" Dr. Fu-Man-Lou Evil Mastermind Dr. Louis Constan Ketchup makes his beard frizzy Finds playing evil characters comes naturally
Evil Scientist The "Evil" Dr. Fu-Man-Lou's Idea Man
Chris Tabor Wishes he could have read long expositions from script Worked hard to get lines right, before we dubbed over them
Non-Sequitir Boy Member of the Justice Bowling League
Jason Greanya Should have been called "Misnomer Boy" Doesn't love "whazzup" commercials as much as you might think
Big Boy Spokesman for Restaurant Chain, like Statue of Liberty with a hamburger Martin Eltzroth Wears magic pants, like Frosty's hat but with checkers Required only ONE take of dumping milkshake on Zach's head
Innocent Bystander Man That Guy in the Background Andrew Schnepp Reads Victoria's Secret catalogs for the articles Wrote his own dialogue, and we used it!
Hot Babes on a Bench
Independent Consumers
Diane Constan
Marguerite Tonjes
Still have nightmares about Meijer cola
Female AND agreed to participate in an Infinity Man movie
Evil Goons The "Evil" Dr. Fu-Man-Lou's Bumbling Henchmen Phil Klimkewicz
Doug Peariso
Jim Weldy
The Filipak men
Card-carrying members of
"Goon Union"
Participated in food fight of their own free will, without any form of payment.  
God bless 'em!