Leslie J. Curren
5083 Wardcliff Dr., East Lansing, MI   48823 • 781-956-3228
email: ljcurren@gmail.com • website: https://www.msu.edu/user/currenle
    Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI                                                                    2006 - present
        Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Zoology                                                                          expected: 2012
        Dual degrees in Zoology and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior
        Cumulative average: 4.0
        Advisor: Dr. Kay Holekamp, University Distinguished Professor of Zoology
        Guidance committee: Dr. Thomas Getty, Dr. Fred Dyer, Dr. Jeffrey Conner
        Dissertation work: Intrasexual competition, cooperation, and reproductive success
            in male spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta).
    Amherst College, Amherst, MA
        B.A. cum laude in the Biological Bases of Behavior                                                            2001 - 2005
        Designed interdisciplinary major between the Biology and Psychology departments
        Cumulative average: A-
        Advisor: Dr. Ethan Clotfelter, Associate Professor of Biology and Neuroscience
        Honors thesis work: mate choice and honest signaling in fighting fish (Betta splendens)

Publications and Research Presentations
     Curren, L.J., V.K. Heinen, M.C. McGuire, and K.E. Holekamp. In prep. The functions of male-male 
        aggression in a role-reversed mammal.
    Curren, L.J., M. Weldele, and K.E. Holekamp. In press. Ejaculate quality in spotted hyenas: 
        intraspecific variation in relation to life history traits. Journal of Mammalogy.
     Curren, L.J., J.E. Smith, and K.E. Holekamp. 2012. Evolutionary forces favoring male-male coalitions 
        in spotted hyenas. Animal Behavior Society Conference, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, 
    Curren, L.J. and K.E. Holekamp. 2011. The functions of intrasexual male aggression in a role-reversed 
        mammal. Joint meeting of the Animal Behavior Society and the International Ethological 
        Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.
    Curren, L.J. and K.E. Holekamp. 2010. Intrasexual competition among male spotted hyenas: sperm 
        competition? Animal Behavior Society Conference, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA.
    Clotfelter, E.D., L.J. Curren, and C.E. Murphy. 2006. Mate choice and spawning success in the 
        fighting fish (Betta splendens): the importance of body size, display behavior and nest size. Ethology 112
        (12): 1170-1178.
    Ollervides, F., L. Curren, L. Hart, J. Buchwald, and I. Knutson. “The Center for Wetland Studies’ 
        Participation in Gray Whale Photoidentification Projects.” Poster presentation at the XXIX 
        Reunión Internacional para el Estudio de los Mamíferos Marinos (XXIX International Conference 
        for the Study of Marine Mammals) in La Paz, B.C.S., México.

Academic Honors and Fellowships
        MSU College of Natural Sciences Dissertation Completion Fellowship                           2012
        MSU Excellence-in-Teaching Citation (university-wide)                                                    2011
        MSU College of Natural Sciences Excellence-in-Teaching Citation                                  2011
        MSU Graduate Women in Science Rachel Carson Award                                                  2011
        Animal Behavior Society Student Research Grant                                                               2011
        MSU Zoology Department Shaver Fellowship                                                                     2011
        Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Program Summer Fellowship                     2009, 2011
        MSU College of Natural Sciences Dissertation Continuation Fellowship                        2010
        Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Program Funding Support                          2010
        MSU Zoology Departmental Funding Support                                                                    2008 - 2010
        MSU Graduate School Enhancement Award                                                                       2008, 2010
        Amherst College Fellowship                                                                                                  2008 - 2010
        American Society of Mammalogists Grant-in-Aid of Research                                         2008
        NSF Graduate Research Enhancement Honorable Mention                                             2008
        Kosciuszko Foundation Tuition Scholarship                                                                       2008
        Recognized by MSU Department of Student Life for inspiring learning                          2008
        MSU College of Natural Sciences Summer Support Fellowship                                        2008
        MSU Distinguished Scholar Fellowship                                                                               2006
        MSU College of Natural Sciences Recruiting Fellowship (declined)                                 2006
        MSU College of Natural Sciences Summer Support Fellowship (declined)                      2006
        Gilbert Scholar, Mote Marine Laboratory                                                                           2005
        Sigma Xi, Associate Member                                                                                                 2005
        Student Community Involvement Recognition Award, Amherst College                        2005
        New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) All-Academic Team        2004
        William C. Young Prize for Biology, Amherst College ($1,000)                                        2003
        Fellowship for Action, Amherst College ($1,000)                                                               2003
        Five College Coastal  and Marine Sciences Program Summer Fellowship ($3,500)          2003

Research Experience
    Field Researcher, Mara Hyena Project (Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya)                                    2007 - 2009
        Collected behavioral, demographic, and biological data on spotted hyenas (Crocuta
          crocuta). Managed long-term research project/camp and trained new research assistants.
        Supervisor: Dr. Kay Holekamp
    Research Technician, Manatee Research Group, Mote Marine Laboratory (Sarasota, FL) 2005 - 2006
        Collected demographic data regarding distribution and abundance of West Indian
        manatees (Trichechus manatus). Analyzed photoidentification data and contributed to
        statewide manatee database. Trained and supervised interns.
        Supervisor: Dr. John Reynolds
    Intern, Sarasota Dolphin Research Program, Mote Marine Laboratory (Sarasota, FL)    Summer 2005
        Collected behavioral and demorgarphic data on bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops
          truncatus) with a focus on juvenile association patterns. Analyzed photoidentification
        data and contributed to longitudinal database.
        Supervisors: Dr. Randy Wells and Dr. Katie McHugh
    Research Assistant, Amherst College Biology Department (Amherst, MA)                        Summer 2004
        Designed and carried out controlled experiments on fighting fish (Betta splendens),
        with a focus on aggression, mate choice, and honest signaling for parental quality.
        Supervisor: Dr. Ethan Clotfelter
    Student, Center for Coastal Studies, School for Field Studies (Baja, México)                    Spring 2003
        Designed directed research project on site preferences of aggregations of gray whale
        (Eschrictius robustus) mother-calf pairs. Collected and analyzed data for project, wrote
        up results in publication-style format, and presented results to local community.
        Contributed photoidentification data to international gray whale database and
        presented a poster at an international marine mammal conference.
        Supervisor: Dr. Francisco Ollervides
    Intern, Cetacean and Sea Turtle Laboratory, NOAA National Marine Fisheries              Summer 2003
        Service Southeast Regional Laboratory (Beaufort, NC)
        Assisted in collection and necropsies of stranded carcasses of various cetacean
        species. Collected abundance and distribution data on local estuarine dolphin
        Supervisors: Dr. Aleta Hohn and Dr. Robin Baird

Teaching Experience
    Lead Instructor at Michigan State University
        Animal Behavior (ZOL 313) - 35 students                                                                          Summer 2011
            Designed a new curriculum that incorporated generated hypotheses and                Summer 2010
            predictions, utilizing observational techniques and the scientific method,
            analytical writing, and group discussions.
        Behavioral Ecology of African Mammals (ZOL 490) - 18 students                                Summer 2010
            Study abroad course in Kenya. Along with two co-instructors, supervised and        Summer 2009
            instructed students at all times. Course included lectures, field exercises, and
            student research projects. Evaluated students’ understanding through verbal and
            written assessments. Managed and coordinated logistical aspects of course.
        Ecology (ZOL 355) - 60 students                                                                                       Summer 2008
            Designed new curriculum; planned, wrote, and taught all lectures; constructed
            and evaluated exams. Assigned a term paper and provided each student with one
            full typed page of comments on rough drafts before assessing final drafts.
    Teaching Assistant at Michigan State University
        Evolution (ZOL 445) - 50 students                                                                                   Spring 2012
            Assisted students’ learning of lecture material through supplemental exercises,     Spring 2008
            including lectures and analytical discussions of primary literature. Assessed
            students’ comprehension and ability to apply knowledge through written exams;
            volunteered to lead review sessions before each exam.
        Ecology Laboratory (ZOL 355L) - 50 students                                                                 Fall 2011
            Helped students create their own ecology research projects and guided them
            through entire scientific process, including methods design, data collection and
            analysis, scientific writing, and oral presentation of results. Led weekly
            explorations of ecological concepts through hands-on activities emphasizing
            hypothesis testing.
        Cells and Molecules Laboratory (BS 111L) - 36 students                                                 Spring 2010
            Supervised students in laboratory explorations of such introductory concepts as
            signal transduction and DNA manipulation. Designed and graded final exam,
            and graded all assignments. Led weekly reviews and discussion of key ideas.
        Ecological Aspects of Animal Behavior (ZOL 415) - 75 students                                   Spring 2009
            Facilitated student-led discussions of primary literature in conjunction with
            course lectures. Assessed students’ ability to analyze key concepts in essay-style
            quizzes, exams, and weekly assignments.
        Marine Biology (ZOL 353) - 36 students                                                                           Fall 2007
            Moderated student-led discussions of primary literature complementing lecture
            material. Evaluated understanding of concepts through essay exams. For each of
            two term papers, provided each student with one full typed page of comments
            on rough drafts before assessing final drafts.
    Invited Lecturer at Michigan State University
        Brain and Behavior Graduate Group - 30 graduate students and professors                Spring 2012
        MSU Fisheries and Wildlife Club - 50 students                                                              Fall 2012
        Introduction to Ecology, Honors Level (ZOL 355H) - 208 students                             Fall 2011
        Ecological Aspects of Animal Behavior (ZOL 415) - 75 students                                   Spring 2011
                                                                                                                                                     Spring 2010
                                                                                                                                                     Spring 2009
        Tropical Biology (ZOL 485) - 20 students                                                                       Spring 2008

Professional Society Memberships
    American Association for the Advancement of Science
    American Society for Mammalogists
    Animal Behavior Society
    Association for Women in Science
    Graduate Women in Science
    Sigma Xi
    Society for the Study of Evolution

Community Service
        Middle School Girls’ Math and Science Fair, Chair                                                       2012
        Student Representative to Department Faculty Meetings                                            2011 - 2o12
        Graduate Women in Science MSU Chapter, President                                                2010 - 2011
        Education for the Future Foundation (non-profit), Rift Valley co-coordinator          2007 - 2011
            Organization sponsors secondary school education for low-income,
            high-achieving students in Kenya. The Rift Valley regional project specifically
            targets Maasai girls.
        Michigan Science Olympiad, Volunteer                                                                          2011
        Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Program Student Co-President            2010
        College of Natural Sciences Dean’s Student Advisory Council, Zoology                     2010
        Michigan Council of Graduate Deans Poster Session at the Capitol Building,           2009
        Sixth Grade Girls’ Math and Science Conference, Presenter                                       2007 - 2008
        Amherst College women’s varsity soccer team                                                               2001 - 2004
            Captain                                                                                                                           2004
            Friends of Amherst Award for outstanding performance, leadership, work            2004
                ethic, and sportsmanship
        Big Brothers/Big Sisters                                                                                                    2001 - 2005

Other Skills
    Proficient in Spanish
    Computer: R-Project, Macintosh software, Microsoft Access
    Radio telemetry
    Photoidentification: data collection and analysismailto:ljcurren@gmail.comhttps://www.msu.edu/user/currenleshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
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