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I was awarded an MSU Excellence-in-Teaching
Citation at both the university level (6 university-
wide Citations awarded annually) and the College
Undergraduate classes
taught at Michigan State:
Lead Instructor:
   Animal Behavior (ZOL 314) - Summer 2010, Summer 2011
            32 students. Designed a new curriculum that incorporated generating hypotheses and    
            predictions, utilizing observational techniques and the scientific paper, analytical
            writing, and group discussions.
    Behavioral Ecology of African Mammals (ZOL 490) - Summer 2009, 2010
            18 students. Study abroad course in Kenya. Along with two co-instructors, supervised
            and instructed students at all times. Course included lectures, field exercises, and
            student research projects. Evaluated students’ understanding through verbal and
            written assessments. Managed and coordinated logistical aspects of course.
    Ecology (ZOL 355) - Summer 2008
            60 students. Designed entirely new curriculum; planned, wrote, and taught all
            lectures; constructed and evaluated exams. Assigned a term paper and provided each
            student with one full typed page of comments on rough drafts before assessing final
Teaching Assistant:
    Evolution (ZOL 445) - Spring 2008, 2012
            50 students. Assisted students’ learning of lecture material through supplemental
            exercises including lectures and analytical discussions of primary literature. Assessed
            students’ comprehension and ability to apply knowledge through written exams;
            volunteered to lead review sessions before exams. Lead faculty: Dr. Barry Williams
    Ecology Laboratory (ZOL 355L) - Fall 2011
            50 students. Helped students create their own ecology research projects and guided
            them through entire scientific process, including methods design, data collection and
            analysis, scientific writing, and oral presentation of results. Led weekly explorations
            of ecological concepts through hands-on activities emphasizing hypothesis testing.
    Cells and Molecules Laboratory (BS 111L) - Spring 2010
            36 students. Supervised students in laboratory explorations of introductory concepts
            (e.g. signal transduction, DNA manipulation) and techniques (e.g. gel
            electrophoresis, PCR, bacteria plating). Designed and graded final exam and graded
            all assignments. Led weekly reviews and discussions of key ideas.
    Ecological Aspects of Animal Behavior (ZOL 415) - Summer 2009
            75 students. Facilitated student-led discussions of primary literature in conjunction
            with course lectures. Assessed students’ ability to analyze key concepts in essay-style
            quizzes, exams, and weekly assignments. Lead faculty: Dr. Tom Getty
    Marine Biology (ZOL 353) - Fall 2007
            36 students. Moderated student-led discussions of primary literature complementing
            lecture material. Evaluated understanding of concepts through essay exams. For each
            of two term papers, provided each students with one full typed page of comments on
            rough drafts before assessing final drafts. Lead faculty: Dr. Richard Hill
Invited Lecturer:
    Brain and Behavior Graduate Group - Spring 2012
    MSU Fisheries and Wildlife Club - Fall 2011
    Introduction to Ecology, Honors Level (ZOL 355H) - Fall 2011
    Ecological Aspects of Animal Behavior (ZOL 415) - Spring 2009, 2010,
    Tropical Biology (ZOL 485) - Spring 2008