WRA 360 books schedule modules miscellaneous

WRA 360 • section 001 • fall 2018 • 214 Bessey 
TTh 8:00–9:50am • D2L • www.msu.edu/~devossda/360

Dànielle Nicole DeVoss
email me: devossda@msu.edu
come see me: 235 Bessey Hall (office hours by appointment)


SYLLABUS: The syllabus includes the course overview, readings and class materials, participation expectations, attendance policy, schedule, and assignments. The syllabus is available on D2L and on this site: pdfs/WRA_360_SYLLABUS.pdf

SCHEDULE: Included in the syllabus and available on this site in the schedule area.

MODULES: All of the required course modules.

DOCS: An area of the site we will build with the materials you share for your document design presentation. The full assignment and schedule is available on D2L.



dànielle nicole devoss | devossda@msu.edu