Hola. I appreciate that you may want to send me feedback, and I am receptive to it.

My life is very different than it was fourteen years ago when I created this site, andIi don't have as much free time to deal with this site as i used to. I try to read my email every few weeks or so, and although I have good intentions I pretty much NEVER respond to emails. I can tell you now that I can't answer any of your questions and you certainly shouldn't write to me about any medical emergencies. If you have questions, read the FAQ. If you are writing to tell me there's a problem with how the page looks or acts, please tell me what browser software and operating system you use.

If you are writing to inform me that i misspelled the word "women" or to agonize over your inability to decide whether or not to believe anything I say because of my writing style, let me just say "welcome to the internet."

To write to me, please type this address into your emailer: yeasti (at) Yes, that thing in the middle is the @ symbol. I know it's a pain, but otherwise the spambots bury me alive in junk.