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Susan Gass

is University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages. Her research is in Second Language Acquisition and includes the areas of Input and Interaction, Language Universals and Language Transfer.

More recently she has become interested in the area of attention and how it relates to acquisition. She has written/edited a number of books on second language acquisition and has taught and lectured in various parts of the world. She co-edits Second Language Acquisition Research with Alison Mackey - published by Routledge

Currently at MSU, she is the Director of the English Language Center, Co-Director of the Center for Language Education And Research, co-Director of the Center for Language Teaching Advancement and Director of the Second Language Studies Ph.D. Program. She recently served as President of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (2002-2008) and is Associate Editor of Studies in Second Language Acquisition.

She has been invited to give lectures in Europe (most recently, Greece and Germany) and in Asia (most recently, Japan, S. Korea, China).


Contact Information

English Language Center
B 230 Wells Hall
619 Red Cedar Road
Michigan State University
E. Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: 517.353.0800
Fax: 517.432.1149


BA-University of California-Berkeley
major: Italian

MA-Middlebury College
major: Italian


Ph.D.-Indiana University
Dissertation title: An investigation of syntactic transfer in adult second language acquisition.



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