Summer 2011

Virginia Heinen Tom Getty Michael Kuczynski   

Erin Linderman Kacie Jonasen

Robin Tinghitella Idelle Cooper

Alex Del Favero-Campbell Cara Krieg 

Jean Johnson Sara Garnett 

I thank

the 2008 team,

Katie (Wharton) Boes,

Lindsey Walters,

Jean Johnson &

Eva Lewandowski,

for making me the CNS

Graduate Advisor of the Year


Some thoughts on

the changing culture of grad school.

Past MS & PhD Students & Postdocs:

Michael Kuczynski successfully defended his thesis, on variation in sexual signals and mate choice in grey treefrogs in Spring 2016.  He taught at KBS in Summer 2016 and moved to a teaching-oriented position at Truman State University in Fall 2016.

Sarah Bodbyl-Roels is currently a postdoctoral project manager for the NSF-funded DRK12 project known as “CarbonTIME2”, led by Andy Anderson (with me as coPI).

Idelle Cooper - Research Associate, worked on a BEACON project on rapid evolution in damselflies;

    Here is a poster describing Idelle’s preliminary BEACON work.

    Idelle joined the faculty of James Madison University in the fall of 2013.

Robin Tinghitella - Research Associate; coPI & Manager of the GK-12 Project;

    coPI on a BEACON research project on the rapid evolutionary loss of sexual signaling.

    Robin joined the faculty at the University of Denver in 2013.

Jean Johnson studied the role of maternal hormones on family dynamics;

    veteran of the IGERT, GK-12 & MSP projects; pastry chef supreme.  

Katie Wharton Boes did her PhD research on cooperation and conflict in honeybees;

    Katie is teaching and doing research at the College of Wooster, OH.

Lindsey Walters did her PhD research on the behavioral ecology of house wrens;

    Lindsey is on the faculty at Northern Kentucky University.

Eva Lewandowski completed her MS thesis on signaling between plants and their avian seed

    dispersers.  She completed a PhD in Conservation Biology at U Minnesota and now leads citizen

    science projects for the Wisconsin DNR.

Ben Janse had some very cool ideas about personality and adoption in geese.

Natalie Dubois did her PhD research on reproductive strategies in house wrens;

    Natalie created the house wren project (the ur-wren-lady); she is now on the staff at

    theEnvironmental Incentives project, with USAID’s Bureau of Economic Growth, Education and

    the Environment/Office of Forestry and Biodiversity.

Rob Olendorf did his PhD research on social behavior in red-winged blackbirds;

    Rob is now a Solutions Architect at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Carl Kloock did his PhD research on aggressive mimicry in pirate spiders;

    Carl is on the faculty at California State University Bakersfield.

    Some of Carl’s research on scorpions was highlighted in Nature:


Becky Fuller did her MS research on the mating system of rainbow darters;

    Becky completed her PhD at FSU and is currently on the faculty at UIUC.

Jeff Birdsley did his PhD research on the evolution of specialized foraging in flycatchers;

    Jeff is currently working at the Jeff and Becky Institute for Paternal-Offspring Dynamics.

Donna Fitzstephens did her PhD research on signaling and social behavior in damselflies;

    Donna is pursuing a career outside of academics.

Judy Teeter Smith did her MS research on habitat selection in sparrows;

    she pursued a career in environmental monitoring.

I am no longer recruiting new grad students.

I will [recruit grad students] no more forever.

( )

In the 2017 photo above:

Tom Getty - still playing the parts of both Woody and Buzz

Helen McCreery joined the lab as a James S. McDonnell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in fall 2017.  Her project is titled: Collective intelligence through emergent strategy: how do simple groups tackle complex tasks?

Sara Garnett - is a PhD student working on kinship, competition and cooperation in tadpoles;  

    a past NSF GK-12 Fellow with supplemental BEACON fellowship support. 

    The things Sara knows are a never ending source of amazement. Follow these links to

    read about her championship run on the TV game show Jeopardy, and watch a snippet.

Eben Gering joined the lab as a Research Associate Fall 2013.  Eben has led the development

     of a terrific new BEACON-funded research project:

     "Chickens of the Sea: Post-Invasive Evolution of Hawaii's Feral Gallus"

     A nice story in the New York Times: Chickens Gone Wild.

Summer 2013

  Tom Getty  Nicki Cady  Michael Kuczynski  Zack Proux  

Levi Storks

         Taylor Schoen Cara Krieg 

                                      Sarah Bodbyl-Roels   Sara Garnett


                                                       Eben Gering  arrived later

Summer 2012

Tom Getty Shane Jennings Michael Kuczynksi

                          Al Manner Hannah Caffee Sara Garnett

Michael Chung Idelle Coope                                                                            

                 Allie Burnett Cara Krieg Robin Tinghitella

Summer 2014 (our blue period)

Aaron Aguirre  Max Grezlik  Michael Kuczynski

                      Tom Getty Eben Gering Sarah Bodbyl-Roels

          Cara Krieg Darian Mollock Sara Garnett


Allie Burnett & Levi Storks are not in this one,

but they are in the 2013 photo, below 

Summer 2015

Michael Kuczynski      Tom Getty

Eben Gering  Sara Garnett Sarah Bodbyl-Roels Cara Krieg

Allie Burnett & Levi Storks missed the photo;

they are in the 2013 photo, below 

Summer 2016

Tom Getty  Eben Gering 

            Cara Krieg  Sara Garnett  Olivia Guswiler


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