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CHAMP Absences :

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It is requested that the CHAMP office or instructor be notified prior to an absence if possible. If a student is absent from class without prior arrangement, the CHAMP Office will phone the student's home and verify directly with a parent that the PARENT is aware of the absence.
Although absence from CHAMP is undesirable, there are times when it is unavoidable. When an absence occurs, it is the responsibility of the student to keep up with what the class is doing, and to get all assignments in on time, or as near to on time as possible. Homework assignments due on the day of the absence should either be mailed to the instructor or be turned in at the next available Study Session (see menu at left). The homework assignment due the following week should be obtained within one day of the absence either from another student or instructor. It is important that absence from class not result in a wasted week. The student, and possibly the parents, should be aggressive in making sure that the student is up to date by the next CHAMP class.
In the case of an absence that is predictable in advance, the instructor can usually provide assignments in advance, so the student can avoid getting behind in the first place.
Generally speaking, a single, isolated absence will cause no long-term problems if the student makes the effort necessary to get up to date by the next CHAMP class. However, several absences during a semester can cause serious problems for the student, and, in such cases, the instructor should be consulted about how to prevent the student from falling seriously behind.

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