Lesson Plans for History and Government that Incorporate Computers, E-Mail, and the Internet


The following lesson plans were prepared in 1995-96 while I was completing my masters in teaching and curriculum at Michigan State University.  These lessons were intended for use in my classroom at J.W. Sexton High.  However if you see something you like feel free to use it.



*  Multimedia lesson: Using a CD-ROM game to teach students about the Yukon gold rush
*  PowerPoint presentation lesson: Abolition and Social Reform 1776 to 1860 student presentations
*  Primary sources online lesson: Students decide through examining primary sources on line: “Does the New Deal lead to a national art style?”
*  Student web page lesson: Students create a web sight in which the report and interpret the effects of the Spanish American War on a variety of U.S. citizens.
*  Communication Project: Teaching students to create a web page




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