To Lori's Victory Garden

Here you will find links to all the crops I've planted in my digital veggie patch.
You will also find quaint garden pathways to other interesting backyards.
Enjoy your visit! Don't be afraid to pick some flowers,
and take home a zucchini or three.

Crops I'm Growing In The Victory Garden

What do you get when you combine chocolate and coffee?
Come and see at CocoaJava!

Marvel at my Tribute To John Agar page. Nothing else like it on the web!

Coming Soon:  Living Simply (Rural lifestyles – crafts, recipes, etc.)

The Guy Who Helps Me Weed The Garden

The Caribou Continuum - Come see what my spousal unit is up to.

Send me your gardening hints,
extra seed packets, blossoming ideas,
as well as *any* helpful hints to get
rid of gophers and moles.
No zucchini, please, I'm trying to quit.

This page last raked and weeded on September 17, 2004
(Apparently I update this page once every 2.5 YEARS for some reason)

Thanks for visiting! Stop by and smell the roses again!

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