Harry Pickard

He fought like a soldier
And died like a man
Just another victim
Of old Viet Nam

But he was a brother
And he had a wife
He dreamed of Wanda
And his Carolina life

I know he was a hero
And I thank him today
For giving his life
For our American way

So Harry, please tell St Peter
And the rest of the crew
The day's drawing closer
When we'll be reunited with you

Bill Henry

Independence Day

We can hear the bells are ringing
Marking Independence Day
Can you see, smell or feel Independence
What's so special? Some would say!
I enjoy my time away from work
It's just another holiday!
Wasn't it nice to get up this morning,
Without a gun stuck in your face?
Didn't you hear the children playing
And the cars begin to race?
Was that flags that decorate the towns
All across this blessed land?
Do you think they fly in places where
People didn't take a stand?
Who went and fought, shot and died,
Was it he who burnt the flag?
I think not, it was the one
Who stayed at home to brag!
I smell the air, I see the flag,
And feel the pride begin to swell
God has blessed this land of ours
Someone go ring that bell
Find a Veteran, young or old
And thank them for their time
And the willingness they had
To put their life on the line.
Then take a moment
On this 4 th day of July
To say thank you to the fallen
You gave it all and had to die!