A long time ago as youths we went
To an unseemly destiny not heaven sent
A far away war and distant fears
That has changed our lives these many years

A time of healing is upon us now
The bridge of time and distance fading
Pictures posted, searches ending
Memories cleared with message sending

We did our best the cause uncertain
We fought the fight to stop an iron curtain
Proud of self and honor based
All our love perhaps misplaced

Survive we must and most we did
We shed all resemblance to that youthful kid
In time, we faced our inner fears
And reached out our hand through many tears

Now we are wise and see the truth
All was clouded in our youth
Nothing black nothing white
Honor gave us bleary sight

Dues now almost completely paid
Reparations needed have been made
Now is the time to remember
What we were that long ago December

In the bush or in the rear
Family never seemed very near
Brothers found in far away places
Now so hard to remember faces

So carry on you grunts of old
Our lives back then were almost cold
Bring warmth back to clean our soul
For today and future our one last goal

So, lock and load with love today
The future looks so bright that way
Renew the bonds that kept us strong
Cause time has proved we were never wrong

Merry Christmas everyone
Rich -Doc--McSweeney


December, 2000