So many strangers, so many brothers - each an element in that Long Green Line that was Bravo. If you served in Vietnam with B, 1/7, this is your rally point where you can leave your name and possibly locate a buddy who shared some of that time with you. Larger unit pages exist (i.e. First Cav Association Home Page) where you can register, but it is hoped that a site for Bravo alone would encourage those who find an umbrella page too large.


Use the e-mail button below to submit whatever you would like to see published here and please take it upon yourself to search for and recruit other men from Bravo, 1/7.

No one wants to see erroneous information on the Internet, so if you can correct anything that gets past me, please do that.

Mission Statement: LZ Rally is intended to be a back-water, out-of-the-way site where old friends can establish commo. "Never go out without commo" was a good rule then and still works today. No personal information provided will be sold to third parties.