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Bob Brandin has volunteered to be our photo archivist. Normally an Army vet knows better than to volunteer, but Bob has always been different. He had a cushy rear job and volunteered for the field. He then extended his tour so there must be something built into his genes for which we offer our appreciation.

Bob makes a special request for photographs of our Bravo KIA's even if they have to be cropped from a field picture, as he has an album dedicated to them.


If you have a Bravo mini-reunion you would like to announce, send the info to this site. To attend First Cavalry Association reunions, you must be a member of the Association which costs only $15.00 and you can join up at their web site which is linked above.

Has some 1/7 history for 1966, working on more.

NCOC grads go here.

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If you have a home site of your own and want a link placed next to your name, let me know.

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