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Kirchhoff's Revenge

Kirchhoff is annoyed because nobody appreciates his circuit laws! You get transported to his secret lair and won't be able to get out until you show appreciation!

The first-person puzzle game "Kirchhoff's Revenge" teaches the basic concepts of electrical circuits, featuring concepts and circuitry similar to the Washington Tutorials.

Currently only five levels are built. The sixth level introduces voltage and current meters, but is not complete yet. Future levels should include capacitors, inductances, AC voltage sources, speakers, oscilloscopes, and vacuum tubes (at this level having the same functionality as transistors, but fitting the environment better). The final puzzle will be building a small radio.

Development opportunities include building additional levels, and components, voice acting, and enhanced graphics and gameplay. The project offers research opportunities in informal science education and gamification.

The proof-of-concept is available for Mac and PC:

  • Mac Version (240 MB)
    Since the game is not part of the AppStore, after unpacking, you will have to save it to disk, and then right-click and force it to open.
  • PC Version (270 MB)
    Windows will warn you that the executable is downloaded from the Web. You'll need to agree to open it. Depending on your settings, you might have to "Extract All."

Future versions would be on Steam and/or the AppStore, and not raise those warnings anymore.

Spring 2017 Graphical Redesign