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This is My humble home page. Who'd have thunk I'd be dragged into the 21st century this way?

Note: This page was is best viewed while facing north. For best results, do not take internally or seriously, OK?. 


Hi, I'm Tony Kuhlman. I'm a programmer/analyst at Michigan State University , a land grant university in East Lansing, Michigan. I work for Administrative Information Services (AIS) , which is the administrative data processing department. I used to be an applications programmer and support the student records applications. I used to work in COBOL, which nowadays is a lot like admitting I'm a professional alchemist.

Early in the summer of 1998, though, I moved to the Data Administration section. Now I help the programmers in the various departments on campus with their problems, whether using the languages at their disposal, finding the file that has the data they want, understanding what a cryptic error message really means, or just lending a sympathetic ear. I also teach a programming class on occasion.

I'm also the advisor to the MSU Outing Club , a group of students interested in almost anything in the outdoors. Like to canoe? Check with the OC. Rappelling? Yup. Rock climbing? Crawling through a wild cave? Backpacking into the northwoods and pitching a tent on the shore of a scenic, secluded lake? How about climbing a volcano in Mexico, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, or rafting a whitewater river in West Virginia? Give it a try!

What else do you want to know? Well, I'm married, and my wife Cathy and I have a son named Dan, who is 8 years old going on 13. Does anyone know where the on-off switch is located on young kids? If you find one, let me know - SOON! - because I just became the Cubmaster for Cub Scout Pack 260, which my son Dan belongs to. Now I have 40 kids running around, not just the one!

Update:  Now there are 50 boys!  We had a big crop of new scouts this year.  Part of the reason was that we put together a trip to the USS Silversides.  Here's a little report and a short stack of pictures on this trip.

On other topics:

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How to fasten things together using rope.

Here is my page of links to odd, unusual, interesting sites I've found.

These are a few snapshots I took on a dive trip to Gilboa Quarry last August of 1996. Nothing fantastic like discovering a virgin shipwreck, but still a fun weekend.

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I'm also interested in a variety of things. Some are: