Julie Levy-Weston,
Caller of contra and community dancing

Hi!- welcome to my contra dance calling page!

I've been contra dancing since 1992 and began calling dances in 1995. My first full night of dance calling was in Jan of 2003. Since then I have called for dance communities all over Michigan and a couple times in Indiana.

I can call for groups where very few have ever contra danced and I can call for enthusiastic crowds of dance gypsies. For the former, I offer a fun program of simple dances designed for movement, fun and success.
For veteran contra dancers I create evenings consisting of dances that I have danced and enjoyed. I like flow and lots of interaction. I don't like movements that seem to stop the flow of a dance- this is why a rarely call "promenade across".

Hope you can come to a dance that I call sometime. Here's what my schedule looks like for the next few months

Sat Jan 4, '14 Lansing, Mich 8:00pm Ten Pound Fiddle Dance http://tenpoundfiddle.org/
Sun Feb 9, '14 Lansing, Mich 8:00pm Flint Folk Society contra dance


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