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What’s Happening...
January -- April, 2010

Animal Health: “Tools to Navigate the Fresh Cow Storm”

Date: February 2 -- March 4
Time: 9:30 a.m. -- 2:30.

Michigan State University Extension Dairy Team holds its 2010 Winter Dairy meeting at the following locations:
Feb. 2 Escanaba, Feb. 3 Alpena, Feb. 4 West Branch, Feb. 16 Cadillac, Feb. 17 Mt. Pleasant, Feb. 18 Bad Axe, Mar. 2 St. Johns, Mar. 3 Hillsdale, and Mar. 4 Grand Rapids.

For inquiries, contact:
Phil Durst
Phone: 989-826-1160, Cell: 989-387-5346
Fax: 989-826-1125
Email: durstp@msu.edu.

Eighth Annual Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference

Date: Feb. 11-13
location: Bavarian Inn Lodge & Conference Center, Frankenmuth, MI.

For more, visit www.glrdc.msu.edu, or contact
Megghan Honke, honkemeg@anr.msu.edu
517-432-1555, ext. 229.

Annie’s Project Geared to Farm Women’s Needs

Date: January 18 - April 6
Locations: Imlay City, Bad Axe, Upper Peninsula, Central Michigan, Alpena, Benton Harbor, and McBain.

Annie’s Project will be offered at seven locations in Michigan this winter. All programs include six weekly sessions followed by a 3-hour program. Topics include Human Resources and Risk Management.

For more information, call Marilyn Thelen, MSU Extension, at 989-227-6454 or thelen22@msu.edu. Also visit the Annie’s Project website for additional information at www.extension.iastate.edu/annie.




Curent MDR articles

Rabies Disease
Though rare, this disease is very important.

Bovine Leukosis
Virus Update

This update builds on earlier one on BLV.

M anagement
A demonstration project examines storm water runoff filter strip.

Proper Disposal of Dead Animals
An expose´ of the Bodies of Dead Animals Act.

Scholarship Awards
Over $90,000 awarded to dairy students.

Outreach & Education at KBS
Past, present & future opportunities at KBS.

Update on AgJOBS
Latest on Agjob opportunities.

Cow Management Report (DHI-403)
Summary of 2009 Dairy Herd Information report.

Genetic Base Changes
January 2010 update on U.S. genetic evaluations.

Fat Mobilization, Transition Cows
Linking increases in blood lipid with metabolic diseases.

In Life's Harder Times
Offering survival tips in the current harsh economic climate.

What's Happening
Events of the season.

Great Lakes Conference
Info on the 8th Annual Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference.

Milk Market
Trends in world dairy markets and the U.S. farm milk price.