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NMC Regional Meeting --
Mastitis Control & Milk Quality

Date:   September 8-9
Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The NMC announces its 2010 regional meeting. The conference program focuses on practical mastitis control and milk quality information, ranging from on-farm application tips to discussions on milk quality as they relate to consumers. Representatives from all segments of the dairy industry, including producers, veterinarians, consultants, equipment and pharmaceutical suppliers, dairy plant field staff, extension educators and specialists, and students, are expected to attend.

The NMC is a not-for-profit professional organization with over 1,500 members in more than 40 countries.

Visit www.nmconline.org to learn more about program content, registration information, and fees.

For further information, contact: Christina Jorgensen, Filament Marketing (608) 310-5335 ext. 23, or Anne Saeman, NMC executive director, at (608)-848-4615.

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