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2010 Animal Science Research Forum

Ike Iyioke
Dept. of Aimal Science

The 5th Annual Animal Science Graduate Research Forum was held on Friday, September 10, 2010. There were oral and poster presentations on a variety of topics by graduate students, post-doctorates and staff. The all-day event provided opportunity for sharing of research efforts as well as receiving valuable feedback especially from the faculty.

Topics related to dairy science in oral presentations were “Effect of Exit Alley Blocking Incidences on the Accessibility of the Automatic Milking System” by Jaquelyn Jacobs, and “Dietary Saturated Fatty Acid Source and Parity Influence Lactational Performance of Early Lactation Holstein Dairy Cows” by Marcus Hollmann. The poster presentations were: “Hypophagic Effects of Propionate Relative to Acetate Decrease as Days in Milk Increase and Plasma NEFA Concentration Decreases” by Sarah Stebulis; “Method Development and Preliminary Evaluation of the Potential for Using Erythrocyte Membranes in the Assessment of Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Status in Dairy Cows” by Courtney Preseault; and two by Kim Kammes, “Zinc and Heat Treatments Reduce Ruminal Protein Degradation of Grass Leaf Protein” and “Nutrients Demand Interacts with Orchardgrass Maturity to Affect Dry Matter Intake and Yields of Milk and Milk Fat”.

Assessing the day’s event, Dr. Janice Swanson, interim chair of the department emphasized, “The forum was excellent; I was impressed by the professionalism of our students and the breadth and depth of their research.”

On the overall significance of the Forum, Dr. Swanson added that, “Training the scientists of the future is an important part of our mission. The creative minds of tomorrow will have plenty of problems to solve and new discoveries that will allow animal agriculture to thrive well into the future. It’s an investment that pays great dividends.”

Marcus Hollmann
Jaquelyn Jacobs
Kim Kammes
Sarah Stebulis
Courtney Preseault


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