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2008 Dairy Survey

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CornPicker for Silage Hybrids

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Elwood Kirkpatrick Dairy Science Research Endowment: Completed & Ongoing Projects

The Elwood Kirkpatrick Dairy Science Research Endowment began in 2007 to honor the work and support of Mr. Elwood Kirkpatrick for the dairy industry of Michigan and Michigan State University. The Endowment along with partnership support from the Department of Animal Science, Michigan Milk Producers Association, the Clinton E. Meadows Endowment, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Michigan AgBioResearch (formerly Michigan Agriculture Experiment Station) has partially funded several MSU dairy research projects addressing a wide range of topics. Reported in this issue are summaries of some completed and ongoing projects.

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MSU Dairy Extension

MSU Extension and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources undergoing significant restructuring.

Guess Who Came to 2010 Breakfast on
the Farm

Increasing efforts to educate and reconnect the consumer with the food system to build public trust.

Kirkpatrick Dairy Science Research Projects
Reported here are summaries of some completed and ongoing projects.

Long-term Johne's Disease Control Project
Completion of a multi-year research study looking at control and prevention of Johne’s Disease in cattle herds.

Cash Rent for Farm Land
Rental rate surveys show that average farm land rental rates continue to increase.

What's Happening
January-April '11

Event Announcements.

Sustaninable Agriculture
Refocusing on Sustainable Agriculture.

Michigan Milk Market
Looking back at the 2010 US milk market.

Thumb H20 Project: Part 1
Emphasizing the most important dairy nutrient of all: water.

Effect of Exit Alley Blocking Incidences
One way to make a robotic milker achieve more milkings and reduce labor.

Don't Give Up Your Sight
Ways to prevent eye injuries on the farm.